Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Francine Tate found...

...In northern Wisconsin, in the car pictured in those missing person posters. Thank god we don't have to worry about a serial killer, as Greta Van Susteren so absurdly proposed.

However, let's hope we can focus on Mahalia Xiong now. No sensationalism, guys, just a missing person. I doubt you can extrapolate two disappearances and a murder to start formulating the idea of an "epidemic." I mean, you can, but it's irresponsible to do so. Especially when the media stands on the sidelines jumping up and down like it's a Christmas present they think see through the wrapping.

If the media was really on top of their game, they'd decipher the Assembly and Senate state budgets for the common man.

But, of course, beauracracy doesn't exactly have the spice of missing women.

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