Monday, July 2, 2007

Blogger Aggregate? How about a news hub?

Today, Dorshorst and Critical Badger mentioned the idea of a Madison wide-blog aggregate where people can submit stories and posts to this aggregate, much in the same way Post does.
Well, let me tell you how ecstatic I am to hear of organization attempts coming to the forefront. But, don't simply make it a forum.

I feel that there would be no better way for free-lance journalists (whether they are up-and-coming J-school students or inquisitive citizens) to put their findings to Madison. In fact, it might be beneficial to create an blogging hub for Madison and work with the J-school to add the element of real-world publishing to student journalism. I know that many students write class assignments with the idea that they'll never be published. Give them the publishing outlet and they'll make sure the quality is a step ahead of what they produce now.

Yes, the papers could compete with each other more effectively, but so could citizen journalists and students being groomed by the J-school.

However, it's not just about news. I have some interesting ideas on musical innovation that could also be applied to the blogosphere. (something I'd like to discuss with bloggers and musicians together, if possible.)

I say, let us not regard this grand vision as a monolith in the far distance. Let's make it reality. and let's start this week.


Critical Badger said...

I'd rather not have my work associated with the J-School or any UW facility. I enjoy being separate from the university. I critique the Madison and would feel pressure to modify my content.

Dorshorst said...

I don't know if there should be any formal arrangement with the UW. Mainly because I would fear censorship. (their Think campaign, Althouse's reaction)

I did want to try to allow those without their own websites to be able to publish through the hub. This would be an easy way to give the average person access to the same readers as the larger papers. It certainly could be used by the J-school and free-lancers as an actual publishing outlet.

I do like the idea of a central site to showcase local music acts. That may work better as a separate site, though.

Some face-to-face collaboration at this point might be helpful to deciding exactly what should be done. I would be open to a meeting of local bloggers and other interested parties this week or next.

Jason Smathers said...

I agree with both on the J-school connection, but I think J-schoolers could benefit from it.

As for the face to face connection, I think a meeting would be in order. Send an email and we can try and organize.

Dorshorst said...

Didn't see any email posted, too lazy to search.

I'd be free to meet MWF of this week or next, doesn't matter when.