Monday, July 23, 2007

CAN finds dirt on UW? Possibly...

...If you consider one professor's NSA/CIA grant to research "The Detection of Deception in high stakes lying" immoral. It certainly seems to be enough for CAN, who plan on chastising UW and Prof. Richard J. Davidson. (yes, the same Richard Davidson who was one of Time Magazine's most influential people in 2006 for his breakthrough work on the happiness of Tibetan monks.) I say it's too early when we don't know the EXACT nature of the research, but CAN plans on pointing out the UW-CIA connection and shaking their finger at that.

They're trying to get more information and I'm doing the same, but I'll certainly post more when it becomes available.

My only request? Please don't start this until you have real proof that something morally wrong is going on here. I know ties to the CIA and NSA don't look good, but frankly, the last thing UW-Madison needs is bad publicity. Especially when the budget threatens to leave us hanging.
On another note, I had a birthday, followed by a cold, which is why the posts have been quite far and few between lately. I'll try and post more once I get a chance to breathe (both figuratively and literally) this weekend.


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Critical Badger said...

Pointing it out by doing what? Having Ashok Kumar protest on Library Mall? I doubt students will care. Key to the war on terror, baby.

drkatz said...

Read Richard Davidson and the National Academy of Science's thoughtful and ethical foundation in this arena: