Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lesson no. 1: Never trust WSUM equipment.

After thinking that the studio equipment at WSUM would provide good narration possibilities, I find that instead, their computers are complete failures.

After editing a 20 minute video of tonight's Islamo-Fascist adventure, I went to save the movie - when it crashed. I was able to reboot with all my edits in tact and thought it necessary to save the project before something else went wrong. Too late. When I tried to save the project, it crashed once again, this time leaving my timeline completely blank with no process for recovery.

I'm now taking my videos home for re-editing, before this corrupt Dell does any more damage to my night.

Thanks for a waste of 5 hours, I guess.

Expect video at around 9am. Normal recap and reflections earlier than that.

However, right now, my only reflection on the night: Fucking Dell.

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