Saturday, September 8, 2007

Update 4 - Snake on the Lake

DLO was fantastic

Right now, Maps and Atlases are up playing...and the first problem of the day happens as the drummer's top cymbal just...falls off in the middle of their first song. Whoops.

Still not that crowded, but it's getting there. The front of the stage has filled up finally, but the dancing is a bit...bobble-headed. just going back and forth. I guess that's what indie rock does to people. Oh well.

1900's are here and ready to go.

Map and Atlases sounds "like 70's prog rock" according to Marcus. However, Marcus is pretty drunk.

I think they sound really out of tune from a distance, but the shifting tempos might actually lend credence to Marcus' claim.

More as become available. Everything is running smoothly.

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