Saturday, September 8, 2007

The German Art Students are off...

A nice 45 minute set punctuated by Pixies-pop rock and a spoken word finale. Now DLO and Stink Tank are loading up to bring a little hip-hop to the crowd.

No one's been dancing, and with the way the heat's beating down, that's not going to change for awhile. Channel 15 came by and talked to our station manager, so that's some good publicity, although she said, "I probably sounded stupid."

Maps and Atlases have moved into the load in area and we're in some pretty good shape. Let's hope that smooth movement continues through the day.

Randy is talking to his mom and dad at the merch table right now. what a nice family.

So here's a different question - why has the rathskellar not moved out it's beer to the terrace? It's usually out here by now, but I've seen no movement to suggest they're coming out. Guess that's going to mean one looonnnggg line.

on a seperate note, WSUM is far more prepared than WUD usually is with their events. Good stuff.

DLO/Stink Tank in 5. Stay tuned.

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