Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Party in the...err...Terrace?

After a meeting with WUD music committee, it looks like WSUM might be closing down shop at James Madison Park and holding their annual music festival at the Terrace. This comes a week after Pepsi decided to pull out of the event because they didn't feel their product was being pushed enough. I'm not sure what they wanted, but that loss of a sponsor may have actually given the event some wings, for once.

The good news about this arrangement - if it happens - is that the headliner for the revamped concert would be MUCH bigger than last year's Drazy Hoops since WSUM wouldn't have to spend an absurd amount of money on operations costs and could devote more funds to talent.

I think it's a fantastic idea. Frankly, I love anything that involves the terrace and it would certainly give WSUM some solid publicity and draw in the Freshmen like no other location would. It also would be nice to have a decent headliner. Let us not forget, PITP once hosted the likes of Andrew WK, Trail of Dead and the White Stripes (although I have a bone to pick with their new album. More on that later.)

The tentative date is Sept. 8th. Anyone know some good bands coming through the Milwaukee/Chicago area during that time?


Brad V said...

What's wrong with Icky Thump? Other than "Conquest", it's pretty solid.

Unless you don't like more of the same awesomeness, so to speak.

Jenni said...

tear the white stripes a new one! i only heard two of their songs the other day on conan...and my horrid musical ear was less than impressed.