Friday, June 29, 2007

And now the pressure starts.

BBC is reporting a "possibly viable explosive device" has been taken care of in London. More on this as details become available.
For those who are up around 10am, tune into WSUM 91.7 FM. My show, Anglophiles Anonymous, will dedicate a full-hour to British electronica, house, dance and anything that uses a moog or vocoder. I'll post those here afterwards.

I'm still waiting back for word on when the Badger Herald radio show will start, but we're pulling for Wednesday at 8pm. Whether or not that happens, we'll see.
The Steepwater Band is coming to the terrace tomorrow at 9/9:30 pm. Rythym and Booms is Saturday and Yawo, a world music artist who is hard to catagorize, will be playing at the Terrace that night. Reviews, will follow.

UW-Whitewater student Kelly K. Nolan is missing. Her friends and loved ones took to State St, passing out flyers after they held a candlelight vigil last night. Any information? Call 608-266-6014.

There are already two facebook groups for her. However, as her sister's wall posts make clear, they're not releasing where exactly she was that night. Just "downtown Madison." I'm sure they have their reasons. Whether the media will respect the tight-lipped nature of the investigation is another story. One would hope.
Well, it looks like people pick up quick. Thanks to the Critical Badger and Letters In Bottles for the mention.

And the Daily Page provided links to the last few posts I had. Great stuff, I say.

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