Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ashok, Where you at?

WSUM 91.7 FM, that's where. Tomorrow, on The Badger Herald presents The Jason Smathers Show (although its apparently still labeled as "The Smathers Hour") at 10am, Mr. Kumar will come on to discuss everything from the county board race, his article, the oft-discussed (or alternatively, not discussed) attendance record and anything the listeners would like to call in and ask. CB, SV, Opsal, I'm looking at you.

The number is 608-265-WSUM. Feel free to call in.


So, Uh... said...

Where was he?
Where the hell was he?

Jason Smathers said...

Showed up 36 minutes late. Yeah. I know.

Anonymous said...

Not when...
WHERE was he?